Tajikistan State University of Commerce has a modern hostel consisting of three residential buildings and 189 rooms. Each hostel building has a hall, bathroom, laundry room, toilet and kitchen. Every year, funds are allocated by the university administration for the ongoing repair of the hostel and the purchase of necessary materials. Students from all regions of the country live in the hostel. Also, teachers and staff live with their families in the third hostel building. There is a kitchen for students on the first floor of the second hostel building.

The Department of Educational Affairs, in cooperation with the officials of the hostel, takes measures to improve the living conditions of the residents and to solve the problems that have arisen. On each floor of the two buildings where the students live, a head of the floor is appointed from active students, who checks and controls the order and discipline, compliance with sanitary and epidemiological measures and cleanliness by the students. According to the board's work plan, scientific, cultural, educational, educational, and sports events will be held for students living in the hostel in order to strengthen educational activities, promote and encourage a healthy lifestyle, increase the sense of self-awareness and self-awareness and pride of patriotism of young people, and keep the residence clean. The department of educational affairs and responsible representatives of structural units of the university are constantly conducting monitoring and inspection activities to observe order and discipline and prevent unwanted actions at the expense of dormitory students.

From April 1, 2021, Abdukholiq Odinaev is the commandant of the Department of Agriculture.

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