Faculty of International Economic Relations, Law and Customs

The Faculty of International Economic Relations, Law and Customs was established in 1994 recently  makes a significant contribution to the training of highly qualified personnel in the field of world economy, organization of international relations, customs, linguistic provided  of intercultural relations, international law and economic law, customs law, tax and banking law.

The faculty has a strong technical base and precious scientific and pedagogical staff. In the course of lections, teachers and students effectively use modern technology and  linguistic classes, which leads to mastering information and communication technologies at a high level, increasing the level of learning foreign languages and acquiring modern knowledge.

It is a great honor for me that the faculty is one of the first structures of institutions of higher professional education of the Republic of Tajikistan, which since 2005 was start  a credit system of education. In 2012, at the suggestion of the Presidium of the University, the specialty 250103 – World Economy of the faculty passed international accreditation and became the first holder of an international certificate in the republic. Since 2009, the faculty has created special groups in the specialty 250103-world economy, the educational process in which is fully established in English. The faculty has scientific clubs "young economist","young diplomats","young lawyer","customs", "linguists" and "theorists".

Students actively participate in scientific clubs, university, national and international conferences. We can proudly say that the students of the faculty also participated in the republican subject Olympiads among higher educational institutions and were repeatedly awarded honorary places. Teachers, as well as actively participate in social and cultural events and make their valuable contribution to the creative and landscaping work on the territory of the university. The faculty has the following departments: - languages. - world economy and international relations; - English and intercultural communication; - economic theory; - commercial and anti-corruption law - customs activities The faculty trains specialists in the following specialties:

250103-world economy;

 230101 – organization of international relations;

 23010205 – linguistic provide of intercultural relations; –

 24.01.03. - economic law;

24.01.01. - international law;  

24010205-customs law;

24010204 - tax and banking law;

96010101 - legal support of customs affairs;

It should be noted that there are a lot of real opportunities at the faculty within the framework of short-term exchanges or during one shift. Over the past three years, more than 89 students of the faculty have been sent to universities in foreign countries within the framework of cooperation agreements and various projects. The faculty also successfully trains students from the Republic of Uzbekistan, the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and other countries. Currently, graduates of the faculty successfully work and work in various state authorities, union structures of Tajikmatlubot, universities, banks, trading enterprises and other spheres of the national economy. Since January 2022, Candidate of Economic Sciences Fitrat Rustamov has been Dean of the Faculty of International Economic Relations, Law and Customs.

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